based on traditional Cretan Recipes

Cover charge2€

Fresh bread, barley rusks, breadsticks, olives, olive oil

All time classic

Grilled handmade Cretan pie$20.00

stuffed with spinach, wild greens, 4 types of local farmhouse cheese and spearmint (Kalitsouni)

Fried handmade Cretan pie$20.00

stuffed with wild greens, spinach and fresh herbs

Dakos our way2,5€

pieces of rusk from carob with tomato, avocado homemade myzithra cheese topped with baby rocket, extra virgin olive oil


crispy golden feta wrapped in phyllo pastry topped with thyme honey and black-white sesame

Trilogy of mushroom8€

3 types of fresh mushroom sauted with garlic and truffle oil

Cretan zucchini boureki9€

with various types of cheese and mint in pastry

Alternative Cretan appetizers

Stamnagathi, graviera and sundried tomato16€

wrapped in Phyllo pastry and cooked till golden served with petimezi sauce

Dip compilation12€

tzatziki, smoked eggplant salad, beetroot yoghurt, and spicy Greek cheese spread served with pita bread

Crispy fried zucchini12€

in corn flour with yogurt lime sauce

Sfakia pie12€

lamb kebab, fresh tomato, yogurt, smoked paprika

Smoking sausages4€

beef, lamb, pork with caramelized onion and dijon mustard served in a glass bell of smoke

Prawns 7€

with tricolor quinoa, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley and lemon

Tuna tartare7€

fresh local tuna marinated with ginger, mango, avocado, lime, soya dressing

Heart tomatoes 9€

with Cretan goat cheese and extra virgin olive oil

Cretan salad 8€

tomato, peppers, potato, onion, salted olives, cucumber, carob rusk and mizithra  cheese

Salad with avocado cream8€

Iceberg, Pomegranate, Almond, Citrus Vinaigrette

Tri-color quinoa salad9€

arugula, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, pistachio, orange-lime  dressing

Wild seasonal greens8€

ask if we have boiled or tsigariasto


Pasta and rice

Risotto green16€

pinach pesto, asparagus, zucchini, aged graviera cheese

Cretan risotto16€

tsigariasto/sauteed lamb, mizithra cheese, staka butter, yogurt lime

Cretan carbonara16€

skioufikto(Cretan style homemade pasta) with smoked pork apaki, parsley, aged graviera


with chicken, mushroom, cherry tomato, basil, cream mustard, aged graviera cheese 


with shrimp, zucchini, mushroom, cherry tomato, saffron sauce


with fresh heart tomato and basil sauce


Sea bass fillet14€

celeriac puree, roasted cherry tomatoes, capers, mint oil

Sesame crusted tuna14€

rom Chania, thyme honey, celeriac puree, aromatic cherry tomato confit

Octopus with fava14€

and caramelized onions

Lamb fillet 16€

on a stick with peppers, yogurt , corn, smashed potato, caramelized onion

Uruguay Rib eye (300gr) 16€

black angus with corn, potato

Black angus flat iron(300g) 24€
with corn, potato
Rib Eye A5 Wagyu from Japan (300gr)18€
Extra sauce18€
Jack Daniel΄s
Chicken thigh14€

potato cream, carrot, refreshing fruit sauce

Veal cutlet (350gr) 14€

served with puree potato and corn

Lamb-beef & fresh herb patty16€

served with corn, smashed potato, caramelized onion, BBQ sauce

Stavlisia pork (1kg)16€

wild herbs, corn, potato, BBQ sauce


You can see the full list in pdf format, clicking here

Domain Karanikas, Rose Brut, ORG
Domain Karanikas, Rose Brut, ORG$20.00

A sparkling rose wine from organically grown
Xinomavro grapes of Amyndeo. Made after the traditional method of Champagne.

Nikterida, Vilana
Nikterida, Vilana$20.00

Refreshing, light bodied, tasty with citrus fruit’s aromas

Karavitakis, Muscat of Spina
Karavitakis, Muscat of Spina$20.00

Rich aromas of Muscat, balanced in the mouth with long aftertaste

Vassaltis, Santorini PDO
Vassaltis, Santorini PDO$20.00

A full-bodied Assyrtiko, uniquely refreshing, with citrus aromas and mineral taste, typical for the volcanic soils of the island

Dourakis, Kudos Grenache
Dourakis, Kudos Grenache$20.00

Aromas of strawberry, berries and dark red fruits.
Refreshing and with pleasant aftertaste

Thymiopoulos, Rose de Xinomavro
Thymiopoulos, Rose de Xinomavro$20.00

Ripe red fruits, full body, high acidity that gives balance

Moschoppolis Aiora
Moschoppolis Aiora$20.00

Seductive nose, high aromatic intensity. In the mouth it is of medium volume, with balanced acidity and silky tannins.
A blend of Xinomavro, Syrah and Mavrotragano

Manousakis, Nostos Nostos Blend ORG
Manousakis, Nostos Nostos Blend ORG$20.00

Fresh red fruits and spices with velvety tannins. A
Blend of south Rhone from Syrah, Mourvedre, Grenache Rouge and Roussanne from the mountains of

Moet & Chandon, ICE lmperial
Moet & Chandon, ICE lmperial$20.00

From the varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot. Balance in the mouth, with characteristic acidity and persistent bubbles

Dourakis, Kudos Malvasia
Dourakis, Kudos Malvasia$20.00

Floral and refreshinhg, from the most aromatic Cretan variety

Vriniotis Assyrtiko Sur Lies
Vriniotis Assyrtiko Sur Lies$20.00

An impressive wine with rich and quirky nose. It has sharp acidity, supported by volume in the mouth and
ends in a sweet aftertaste

Manousakis, Nostos Roussanne ORG
Manousakis, Nostos Roussanne ORG$20.00

Oak fermented. Sharp and outstanding accidity, aromatic and full-bodied

Manousakis, Nostos Pink
Manousakis, Nostos Pink$20.00

Fresh red fruits aromas and high acidity compose a very refreshing wine from Syrah, Grenache Rouge and Romeiko

Nikterida, Cabernet
Nikterida, Cabernet$20.00

Ripe red fruits, medium tannins and acidity from Cabernet Sauvignon

Manousakis, Nostos Pink
Manousakis, Nostos Pink$20.00

Fresh red fruits aromas and high acidity compose a very refreshing wine from Syrah, Grenache Rouge and Romeiko

Tselepos Estate, Amalia Brut
Tselepos Estate, Amalia Brut$20.00

Floral aromas, low alcohol and high acidity. An elegant sparkling wine with fine bubbles from Moschofilero

To see the full list of our rich wine cellar click here



Organic beer of Rethimno (blonde)4€
Organic beer of Rethimno (black)4€

Soft Drinks

Coca Cola2,4€
Coca Cola (light)2,4€
Orange juice2€
Fresh juice3,5€
Souroti - Table water2,8€
Bottled water - Samaria2€



and bottle

Whisky special8€

and bottle

Gin / Vodka / Rum8€

and bottle

Super Deluxe25€

Coffee & Tea

Greek coffee2€
France coffee6€
Irish coffee3€
Tea / Mountain tea3€

To see the full list of our rich wine cellar click here

For selective

Sfakiani pita$20.00

with thyme honey

Crème brule vanilla$20.00
Chocolate souffle$20.00

with ice cream

Panna cotta$20.00

made with anthotyro cheese, white chocolate, honey, pistachio

Traditional sweet preserve$20.00

Various flavors

Seasonal fruit$20.00

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