Menu Winter 2018

Cretan Appetizers

  • Bread, Barley Rusks, Breadsticks, Olive, Oil-Olives
  • Handmade cheese pie, with fennel root, raisings and dry white cheese
  • Cheese croquettes, with cretan cheeses, fresh mint and carob flour served with tomato marmelade
  • Grilled portobello mushrooms, with arugula and fig pesto sauce
  • Staka (clotted cream made from fresh raw sheeps milk)
  • Handmade cretan pies, filled with wild greens, spinach, local sheep’s milk farmhouse cheese and mint (kalitsouni)
  • Handmade small cretan pies, stuffed with spinach and wild greens
  • Crunchy fresh potato, with grated tomato and fried olives
  • Selection of handmade sausages
    pork, walnuts, raisings
    chicken, curry, smoked pork
    served with pita bread

Salads - Wild greens

  • NYKTERIDA salad
    with organic greens, arugula, raisings, hazelnuts, avocado, feta and lime dressing
  • Arugula, lolo rosso
    dry figs, cherry tomatoes, dry white soft cheese, aged balsamic vinegar and grape must dressing
  • Fennel root
    with orange, avocado and lemon with mustard
  • Organic tomato
    with white goat cheese and extra virgin olive oil
  • Boiled seasonal wild greens
    stamnagkathi or askolibrus

Pasta and Rice

  • Risotto, with chicken, gregere cheese, fig and orange zest
  • Handmade local pasta, with shrimps, sundried tomato, dry white cheese and lemon zest
  • Pappardelle with 3 kinds of mushrooms and aged gregere cheese
  • Spaghetti, with fresh tomato and basil

On the Grill

  • Lamb filler souvlaki, with vegetables, herbs and crunchy pita
  • Grilled beef fillet
  • T bone steak, with caramelized onions
  • Port tenderloin, with fresh herbs
  • Chicken drumstick, marinated with local herbs
  • Kebab 2 kinds: lamb and veal with yogurt and crispy pita bread
  • Veal and lamb burger, served with barbeque sauce
  • Grilled fillet of tuna served with wild greens and sea salad

**  Three sauce selection- clotted cheese, three pepper, barbeque

 *   Sider selection between grilled vegetables, potatoes fried in olive oil and crunchy onions

Home Cooking

    Home styling dishes with seasonal fresh products.
    Ask our waiter


    Desserts - Ice Cream - Fruits

    • Caramelized quinces, with rosemary in soft dough
    • Chocolate tart, with banana and biscuit
    • Honey sweetened, hand made cheese pie
    • Ice creams: rose petal, sage with honey, mango
    • Traditional sweet preserve


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